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Pg in pune, Get the best

Comprehensive guide and list to get PG in Pune

Taking Pg in Pune can be a good idea, here we have created a list of all PG in Pune, Let’s take a look.

If you think about information technology, if you think about higher education, you actually think about Pune.

Employees and students prefer to stay in PG in Pune, as it provide facilities and sense of relaxation as we do not have to do anything, we have to just stay happily.

pg in pune

pg in pune

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra, after Mumbai. it is also called Poona.

Pune is also called as “Oxford of the east” as there are several renowned educational institutes to take education from.

The city attracts lacks of students and new employees every year, they look for easy accommodation to make this city their own.

In this guide, we will guide you about taking PG in Pune.


to understand this better we have your guide for this tour Sam and Anita let us check what they are talking about.


Anita:  Hi Sam, What is going on?

Sam:  Hey Anita, Nice to see you : ) , Just thinking where should I stay in Pune, as
you know the company has given a free stay for 15 days and it is just about to get over now, so I need to arrange accommodation for myself.

Anita: In this case, you can choose PG to stay in Pune.

Sam : What is PG?

Anita : PG means paying guest, it is the full form of PG. means you will be treated like

a guest but you have to pay for that 🙂 .

Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi or any city where people come to study or for a job, Paying guest means PG is the best option in new city.

Sam : But will PG be available near at my office?

Anita : where is the customer, there is the business¨

paying guest in India or in our pune, is available nearby companies and educational institutions.

Pune is known for job and education hub, it has so many industries and companies and educational institutes.

Information technology


Infosys, TCS, Contingent, Accenture all major information technology IT companies are there in Pune.

Their companies recruit lacks of employees every year, they come from across the nation even some of them are foreigners as well, they seek managed accommodation nearby the company they are working for in Pune they find PG is the best option for them.

Manufacturing and automobile Industry

Pune is also known for its automobile industry with the presence of companies such as TATA Motors, Bajaj auto limited, force motors, Mahindra, Mercedes and many more.

Pune is not only the IT hub but also the manufacturing and automobile hub as well.

Every industry requires employees and employees to require well and good stay so they can focus on the job.


MBA, Engineering

Education is another big thing that Pune is famous for as I said, students from across India come to Pune for better education.

MBA, MCA, BE are some famous courses students want to enroll on.

Students are in every locality of Pune, so there is a need for well-managed accommodation, so they can focus on their education.

Pg’s are the best option again, so students can do the business they want to do that is education, rather than managing the room.

Pg in Pune also has a student-focused approach they provide you best stay with safety in the new city.

Another thing is that PG also provides stay for family members like a student is studying in Pune and his parents are coming to meet him, pg owner simply arranges the stay for the parents.


Types of pg available in Pune


According to the type of accommodation, there are three types of PG :

Boys pg in Pune: As the name says these types of PGs are dedicated boy boys and gents.

Girls and Ladies PG in Pune: These PGs are dedicated to the Girls and Women employees and students, no need to say this PG provides a high level of security and these Pg can charge little more than that of boys PG in Pune.

Common PG in Pune: In these types of PGs anyone can stay boys and girls both can stay, separate rooms and floors are provided to stay.

Pg in Pune on stay basis

PG is available as per one’s need, let me share types of PG on sharing basis.

3-5 sharing PG – it is mostly 1bhk that has been given to 3-5 people according to the rent.

3 sharing-  mostly it is 1rk shared by 3 people.

double sharing- it is based on in 1 room two people will live.

No sharing single stay: As the name says, in this, you will be living alone and no need to share the room, but this type of PG comes with little more cost to your pocket.

Types of PG according to main facilities.

Food or nonfood PG –  PG in Pune also offers food service, so you just have to eat, study, sleep and repeat.

The other is nonfood so have to arrange the food outside.

Some PG also has a kitchen so you can cook by your self, but it will be a time-consuming process.

PG with cleaning services: No need to worry about cleaning and saf safai they will do that for you.

Sam; Great, thank you for your insightful information about taking Pg in Pune, Can you please share employees from IT companies where do they stay means in which localities?

Anita; Sure let me tell you where employees prefer to live

Top IT companies in Pune and where employees want to live.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) – TCS is the biggest It company in India, it has a significant presence in Pune. TCS is at multiple locations in Pune, TCS employees also consider PG in Pune a good option to live in.

TCS is in Pune at Hinjewadi IT Park, It has three phases Hinjewadi Phase 1, Hinjewadi phase 2 and Hinjewadi phase 3.


Employees of TCS take PG in all the phases in Hinjewadi, but phase 1 or Shivaji chowk Hinjewadi is their first choice as it is close to the market and well-managed area.

TCS at other locations

Infosys: Infosys is the second-largest company of India it has started from pune.

Infosys is in pune at Hinjewadi phase 1 and Hinjewadi phase 2.

Employees also see


PG’s in Pune can be the best option to stay, Have a look.

Pune is a beautiful place to live and work, After completing college, students got placed in top companies, congratulations. Now it is the time to pack your beg and shift to the city that has tremendous opportunities for career, for life and for your dreams. PG in Pune is comfortable to stay. Pune is the cultural heritage of our beloved country India, so getting associated with it is a matter of proud.

When we come to a new city we think about our stay, yes. it is important to think where you live and how you live, isn’t it?

Pune provides lots of options to stay, you can take a flat on rent, house. but the best option when you are coming to the city and will be busy working in the office is to take PG in Pune, Yes taking pg in Pune when you are working can be a good idea.

You have so many options for PG’s, yes Pune has a variety of PG options, Like well managed PG’s where you only have to sleep and enjoy no need to take care of anything else.

Here are the features that PG in Pune city will provide you.

  1.   No need to clean 🙂 …Yes!!  Pg comes with a service facility, they will arrange room cleaning for you. by the way, I hate cleaning so I love to get this.
  2. They will provide you food ..Yummy ..Yes!! PG’s in Pune are well aware that their customers are working professionals, so they provide food to you, so just go to the kitchen and enjoy it.
  3.  Nearby your office,  Paying guest service is available near to your work location so you can save your time of travel in this big city.
  4. Wifi 🙂 Tv 🙂 – Whats more people? , they also provide free wifi and TV with cable connection .. so just plugin.
  5. Washing machine – Who likes to clean clothes, I just like wearing !! No worries Pg will provide you washing machines.PG in Pune is available for girls and boys both. It is a new life full of joy and freedom. I have listed out some best things : ) you can do while you live in PG.1. Talking to girlfriend all the time ( my favorite one)

    who do not want to talk to the girlfriend, wo jawani hi kya jo girlfriend ki Yaad na aaye.

    Yes, I used to talk in the morning, in the noon and in the night : ) with my girlfriend, and

    no one used to ask me ” Beta kisse baat kar rahe ho”   or  ” Sanam se baate ho jaye to Kahana kha lena”

    even my girlfriend used to narrate whole day story for me, I can still remember that terrace and nights listing my girlfriend’s voice

    2. Night out

    3. No work to do


    4. Free and prepared food

    5. Laundry

    6. make new friends

    7. Switching jobs


    8. Outing

    9. No time-bound 


    10 lots of spare time

    As you are talking to me till now, here is one more additional bonus point guys and gals.

    11.  saving money

    Money is the biggest thing in this world that keeps this world  moving and put the influence on others



    People consider as the Google of the property search.


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