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Pune STD code 020, Best

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Pune Std code is 020, So if you are calling a number that belongs to Pune and it is landline number you need to add 020 code in the beginning.

The first-ever long-distance subscriber trunk dialing (STD) call in India was made between the cities of Kanpur and Lucknow in 1960

Pune is the education hub of India, students from all over the country come here to get the best education. be it engineering or MBA Pune is the place to get it done.

Pune is also famous for its weather, which is all-season good so you will not face any extreme season here. The raining season is famous in Pune. 

Pune temperature is also very good as according to its weather mo much heat, no much cold so one all enjoy all the year without worrying about the weather.

Pune university also attracts students not only from Pune or Maharashtra or India but also from foreign countries.

Pune is well connected with all major cities in India you can take Train, flight, bus or private transport to reach to Pune.  Direct flight and trains are available from capital Delhi to Pune.

Pune is also an IT Hub of India so it is very easy and find jobs in Pune, there are so many other sectors as well one can get the jobs.



There are so many places to visit in Pune, you can take public or private transport to visit places. Pune has so many places 



The total length of all phone numbers (area code and the phone number) is constant at 10 digits. For example, the number 7513200000 signifies the area code 751 (the area code for Gwalior) followed by the phone number.

Fixed-line or landline numbers are at most 8 digits long.

Operator Prefix
Reliance Communications 3
Airtel 4
Tata Indicom 6
Datacom Solutions 7

Pune STD code and other information related to the STD codes in india 

Telephone numbers in India¬†are administered under the¬†National Numbering Plan of 2003¬†by the¬†Department of Telecommunications¬†of the¬†Government of India. The numbering plan was last updated in 2015. The¬†International Telecommunication Union¬†has assigned the country calling code “91” to India.

Subscriber trunk dialling (STD) codes are assigned to each city, town, or village. These codes can be between 2 and 8 digits long, with the largest metropolitan areas and cities having the shortest (two-digit) codes:

  • 11¬†–¬†New Delhi,¬†Delhi
  • 22¬†–¬†Mumbai,¬†Maharashtra
  • 33¬†–¬†Kolkata,¬†West Bengal
  • 44¬†–¬†Chennai,¬†Tamil Nadu
  • 20 – Pune¬†STD code,¬†Maharashtra
  • 40¬†–¬†Hyderabad,¬†Telangana
  • 79¬†–¬†Ahmedabad,¬†Gujarat
  • 80¬†–¬†Bengaluru,¬†Karnataka

Second-tier cities and metropolitan areas, as well as large or particularly significant towns have three-digit area codes:

  • 120¬†–¬†Ghaziabad¬†and¬†Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • 124¬†–¬†Gurugram,¬†Haryana
  • 129¬†–¬†Faridabad,¬†Haryana
  • 135¬†–¬†Dehradun,¬†Uttarakhand
  • 141¬†–¬†Jaipur,¬†Rajasthan
  • 160¬†–¬†Kharar,¬†Punjab
  • 161¬†–¬†Ludhiana,¬†Punjab
  • 172¬†–¬†Chandigarh Capital Region,¬†Chandigarh[1]
  • 175¬†–¬†Patiala,¬†Punjab
  • 181¬†–¬†Jalandhar,¬†Punjab
  • 217¬†–¬†Solapur¬†,¬†Maharashtra
  • 231¬†–¬†Kolhapur,¬†Maharashtra
  • 233¬†–¬†Sangli,¬†Maharashtra
  • 240¬†–¬†Aurangabad,¬†Maharashtra
  • 241¬†–¬†Ahmednagar,¬†Maharashtra
  • 250¬†–¬†Vasai-Virar,¬†Maharashtra
  • 251¬†–¬†Kalyan-Dombivli,¬†Maharashtra
  • 253¬†–¬†Nashik,¬†Maharashtra
  • 257¬†–¬†Jalgaon,¬†Maharashtra
  • 260¬†–¬†Daman,¬†Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu
  • 261¬†–¬†Surat,¬†Gujarat
  • 265¬†–¬†Vadodara,¬†Gujarat
  • 343¬†–¬†Durgapur,¬†West Bengal
  • 413¬†–¬†Puducherry,¬†Puducherry
  • 422¬†–¬†Coimbatore,¬†Tamil Nadu
  • 431¬†–¬†Tiruchirappalli,¬†Tamil Nadu
  • 452¬†–¬†Madurai,¬†Tamil Nadu
  • 462¬†–¬†Tirunelveli,¬†Tamil Nadu
  • 474¬†–¬†Kollam,¬†Kerala
  • 484¬†–¬†Kochi,¬†Kerala
  • 512¬†–¬†Kanpur,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 522¬†–¬†Lucknow,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 532¬†–¬†Allahabad,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 542¬†–¬†Varanasi,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 551¬†–¬†Gorakhpur,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 562¬†–¬†Agra,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 581¬†–¬†Bareilly,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 591¬†–¬†Moradabad,¬†Uttar Pradesh
  • 621¬†–¬†Muzaffarpur,¬†Bihar
  • 612¬†–¬†Patna,¬†Bihar
  • 641¬†–¬†Bhagalpur,¬†Bihar
  • 657¬†–¬†Jamshedpur,¬†Jharkhand
  • 712¬†–¬†Nagpur,¬†Maharashtra
  • 721¬†–¬†Amravati,¬†Maharashtra
  • 724¬†–¬†Akola,¬†Maharashtra
  • 751¬†–¬†Gwalior,¬†Madhya Pradesh
  • 761¬†–¬†Jabalpur,¬†Madhya Pradesh
  • 831¬†–¬†Belgaum,¬†Karnataka
  • 836¬†–¬†Hubli-Dharwad,¬†Karnataka
  • 870¬†–¬†Warangal,¬†Telangana
  • 891¬†–¬†Visakhapatnam,¬†Andhra Pradesh

    Short code

    There are many businesses in the Indian market who rent keywords on a monthly basis, whose characters on a typical mobile phone keypad, represent short codes. Short codes are five digits in length and have to start with the digit ‘5’ like 58888 as of 2007. Previously, they were four-digit in number and could be of any combination, like 8888 or 7827. The current five digits can be extended by three digits further representing 3 additional characters. Messages sent to these Short Codes are commonly referred to as Premium Rate SMS Messages and cost from per message depending on the operator as well as the service and the company.


    Telemarketers have been issued 10-digit telephone numbers starting with 140 (140XXXXXXX) by the¬†Department of Telecommunications¬†on¬†TRAI’s request

    Format for dialling fixed-line numbers

    No prefix is required to call from one landline to another within the same area code, as variable-length dialling rules apply. A prefix of the number zero + the area code is required to dial from a landline phone in one STD code area to another. The same prefix of the number zero + the area code is required to dial any fixed-line number in India from a mobile phone, irrespective of the area code.

    For example, to dial a landline number in Indore, one would have to dial

    • from a landline in Indore: the phone number
    • from a landline in Mumbai: 0731 and then the phone number
    • from any mobile phone in India: 0731 and then the phone number
    • from outside India: +91, then 731, and then the phone number

    In this post, we have shared the information about the Pune STD code that is 020. At we share all information about the property and other related information to help you to understand to society and take more informative decision online.  

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” Take more informative decision online”¬†

Pune STD code 020

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